Addressing Islamic Markets

ISFIN is a world leader in marketing for the Islamic markets.

We are a specialist consultancy with a specific and unique expertise in tailoring, adapting and developing products and services for Muslim consumers.

We have years of experience in helping Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs), Islamic corporations and entrepreneurs, multinationals, Western and non-Muslim companies, Halal producers & manufacturers, Government and public authorities, Universities.

We bring a no-nonsense commercial approach to companies willing to do business in the Islamic markets and in the West. We are experts in ethical and community marketing.

We have anticipated the rise of the Islamic economy and the Halal industry. We understand the emerging Islamic consumerism.

Home and target markets

With a global presence in 70 countries across Europe, GCC & the Middle East, Asia, CIS, the Americas, Africa, Maghreb & the Levant, this has provided us a fine knowledge of local business culture and the requirements to do business in your chosen market.

We have an unchallenged network of contacts at the highest level in governments, industry stakeholders, Islamic institutions, financial institutions, private equity, professionals, universities, NGOs, chambers of commerce, export agencies and embassies.

We help clients accommodate and sell their Halal or Islamic products and services to Non-Muslim consumers.

We also assist clients in Non-Muslim countries by helping them target their local Muslim minority retail market.

Consultants and business culture         

We have a multicultural team of marketing and business professionals. Our consultants are regular guest speakers to the highest-ranked conferences in the industry. Several consultants lecture marketing at university level and publish in international media.

We are pioneers in supporting the Islamic economy and the rise of the Halal industry.

Prof. Laurent Marliere, who heads our marketing team, has been named the « marketing mufti » by Islamic Finance News, the industry’s leading media.

We have been recognized by the FT Financial Times awards for our innovative corporate strategy.

ISFIN does not do « religious marketing ». We will bring you a market-driven and sound commercial approach based on objective market research and consumer behaviour. We will challenge your offer to the market you target in order to improve your sales, brand and results.

We have a collaborative business culture with our clients. We can draw our unique knowledge of local professionals to offer a global solution to your needs and work with the best local lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, certificators, scholars, trainers, media & PR agencies and consultants.

We are experienced to work in the shadow of global advisory powerhouses that do not have our niche expertise in the Islamic markets.

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