Location, Schedule and Price

We have a 3 level training programme :

  E-learning On-site
Quick (2 hours) 490 £ 690 £ + Travel
Forward (4 hours) 890 £ 1190 £ + Travel
Intense (6 hours) 1390 £ 1690 £ + Travel


  • Didactic Powerpoint report delivered
  • Visio-conference : Webbex, Skype or your local network


Each trainer is a senior business consultant or professional who has specific expertise in the country market. He or she has co-drafted the country report. The full CV of the trainer is transmitted prior to signing the training contract. For the Intense training, two trainers may be allocated with no impact on the pricing (visio). Legal & Tax aspects can be delivered by a lawyer or an accountant with dedicated expertise.

Content & philosophy

We serve the Business community. Courses are market-driven. Trainers are professionals and not religious representatives. Our services are performed professionaly and in full neutrality and respect for our clients. We work in full confidentiality and transparency.


Most trainings can be offered in English, French or Arabic.

Certified training

Each participant to the training session receives a Certificate from the ISFIN Institute confirming that he/she has followed an advanced training in the topic.

Our Clients

We work for multinational corporations, SME’s, governmental authorities, export and investment agencies, financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, individuals, universities and training centres.

Need an ad hoc training ?

Our programs and courses contents are yearly updated and respond to demand and market evolution. However, should you need a tailor made training, we can arrange that. 

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