List of Trainings

Islamic Finance & Banking

  • Who are the Islamic banks and how do they work? (IF01)
  • Sovereign wealth funds and Islamic finance (IF02)
  • Takaful : the Islamic insurance (IF03)
  • How to sell Islamic finance in Non Muslim countries (IF04)
  • Creating a Shariah-compliant financial product (IF05)
  • Sourcing investment and private equity from Islamic investors (IF06)
  • Handling a merger & aquisition (M&A) with an Islamic based corporation (IF07)
  • Introduction to Islamic Finance (IF08)
  • Introduction to Islamic contracts (IF09)
  • Understanding Islamic banking products (IF10)
  • Islamic financial markets: from investment to stock exchange (IF11)
  • Islamic governance : from Shariah board to risk management (IF12)
  • Comparing conventional finance with Islamic finance (IF13)

Islamic Economy

  • Macro-economics : why working with the Islamic markets (MK01)
  • How to do business successfully with the Islamic markets (MK02)
  • Marketing for Islamic markets : strategy & operations (MK03)
  • How to sell to the Muslim consumer : behavior and decision-making process (MK04)
  • Creating a Business Plan for the Islamic markets (MK05)
  • Crisis management: The impact of radicalism on your products and image (MK06)

Halal Economy

  • What is a Halal certification, how to get it? (H01)
  • Total Halal Management: Quality standards for the Muslim markets (H02)
  • Selling Halal products in a non Muslim Western market (H03)
  • Selling Halal products in a Muslim market (H04)
  • Food & beverages: Feeding one third of the Planet (H05)
  • Halal Cosmetics & personal care: grasping the emerging purchase power (H06)
  • Halal Pharmaceutical: the untapped Eldorado (H07)
  • Halal Logistics: From farm to fork (H08)
  • Halal Fashion: The beauty of modesty (H09)
  • Halal Tourism: Targeting the Muslim traveler (H10)
  • Halal Media & Recreation: reaching out to 1.6 Billion clients (H11)

Emerging Markets

  • The objective of this section is to develop capabilities to think strategically about capturing growth in emerging markets
  • How to successfully do business in the following key countries listed in download brochure

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