EXCO-EGCC International

Street 25
Door 271 Badalabougou-East
BP. 3013 Bamako
Offices in: 
Republic of MALI
(+223) 20 22 82 18 / 20 23 01 53
(+223) 20 22 87 86
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More than 30 years of expertise to international companies in Mali and abroad with constant adaptation to international standards of auditing and bookkeeping accounting.

Our services:

  • Statutory auditor
  • Audit Accountant, Financial (legal & contractual) and Operational 
  • Technical Assistance to Non Governmental Organizations, the Micro Finance Institutions and Donors
  • Quality Audit (Health, Safety, Security and Environment)
  • Legal Advice, Tax and Social
  • Council Organization, Resources, Training, Information and Management
  • Assistance management (SMI, SME, Projects, Associations)
  • Studies related to acquisition, transactions, restructuring, mergers, disposals and privatizations,…
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects funded by international donors (Global Fund, FAO…)
  • Achieving Inventory of Assets
  • Formation

Our references:

  • Malian law companies: LLC, Limited company, simplified stock company
  • Subsidiaries of multinational: ABB, Accor, Ags, Air France, Air Liquide, Air Mali, Alstom… (see the presentation for full details)
  • International NGO: Oxfam, APH, Sahel Eco, Save the  children…(see the presentation for full details)
  • Donor funds: world bank, IDB, ADB, French cooperation, dutch, Canadian, Swiss, Swedish and Italian, UN agencies (FAO, UNDP & UNICEF)…(see the presentation for full details)
Serge Lepoutier
Managing Director

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