Why join ISFIN as an exclusive partner ?

Join a world leader in emerging markets

We have built the premier worldwide advisory vehicle specializing in Islamic investments in the West and Western investments in Muslim countries. 

Our objective is to clearly set up the premier global legal, tax, economic, financial and consultancy reference for the whole Islamic economy or halal industry. This includes Islamic finance and sovereign wealth funds.

The project is highly ambitious, success-driven and unique in its work with Islamic markets.

Teaming up with ISFIN means that you become part of one of the most innovative and dynamic projects linked to emerging markets.

Global, regional and local expertise

You access the premier independent professional service firms. Everywhere in the world, you reach the best local knowledge. You can further build up an unmatched best friends network, providing referrals in all areas of practice. You can get the best of both worlds by using your large global corporate network and still meet other elite firms active in ISFIN. The referral system is built up around a multi-entry process supplying business cases locally and from abroad.

Your clients are already working in the emerging markets we target. Your strategy requires you to develop a capacity in that area if you do not want to miss out and compete with "big" global integrated firms. We help you secure the business and pioneer the way.

Multi-competency practice

  • ISFIN unites the top professional service firms from various disciplines and competences, globally. This provides you with unlimited growth opportunities resulting in a multi-channel referrals entry.
  • ISFIN is a full corporate initiative that benefits all the departments and partners of your firm.
  • ISFIN works on conventional, Sharia-compliant and mixed transactions.
  • ISFIN is not a network. We are a service provider to the best independent professional service firms in the world.
  • ISFIN does not impose any "exclusivity". The only exclusivity is one firm per market per sector.

Boost your business and knowledge

ISFIN will coach, train, support, position, and market you and your firm on one of the fastest-growing segments of world industry and finance.

Our team of professionals helps you become or consolidate your firm as the leader in that industry in your domestic market.

Our "advisory unit" is composed of the finest specialists in the world in Islamic finance, Sharia-compliance and halal products. We will assist you when you deal with these specific transactions. We broaden your knowledge and your business capacity!

Advanced support services

Our award-winning corporate strategy is backed by an in-house team of management and marketing consultants. We supply our partner firms with top-notch services and products listed in our "ISFIN catalogue".

The team is dispatched in our Knowledge Unit, Marketing Unit, Business Development Unit, CRM Unit and Advisory Unit. They have a deep know-how of our industry and are trained to deal with the specificity of professional firms, governed by professional rules.

Although we abide by the most modern management techniques, ethics and values like independence, confidentiality and absence of conflicts of interest are at the core of our daily practice.

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