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Connect Mind – Madeira Management, Lda., a Portuguese company incorporated in the Madeira`s International Business Centre (IBCM), is a corporate service provider accredited by SDM – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira, S.A. (the company partially owned by Madeira`s Regional Government, that holds the public concession of Madeira`s International Business Centre).

Connect Mind provides all the support foreign investors need, in order to adequately set up and manage their companies in Madeira, as well as providing accounting services, both in the scope of the IBCM and to Portuguese companies not benefiting from this preferential tax regime.

Not restricted to its activity focused on the scope of the IBCM, Connect Mind provides services in the following areas:

For the Companies:

  • Creation, registry and redomiciliation of companies and branches in Portugal (in particular in the scope of Madeira`s International Business Centre);
  • Consulting and provision of services related to tax, financial, economic, legal, administrative, procurement and investment areas;
  • Recruitment of employees and legal representation;
  • Elaboration of business projects, including the application procedures for public investment / financial incentive programmes.

For the investors, their families and employees:

  • All tax, legal and logistic support needed for an easy integration in Portugal;
  • Application procedures for Portuguese residence and Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit;
  • Portuguese privileged Personal Income Tax regime for non-habitual residents.

Brief note on the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM)

The International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM), created in the 1980s, is expressly approved by the European Union as form of State aid to promote the regional development of an ultra-peripheral region, and is fully integrated in the Portuguese legal system.

IBCM incorporated companies, as any Portuguese company, have unrestricted access to the European common market and benefit from Portugal’s network of double taxation agreements.

The IV regime was approved in 2015 and is applicable to entities incorporated and licensed to operate in the scope of the IBCM until 2020. These will benefit from a number of tax benefits, including a reduced rate of Corporate Income Tax (Portuguese IRC tax) of 5% until December 31st, 2027.

The IBCM includes three main business sectors, available for investors and corporations, from Portugal and abroad:

  • International Services, such as: trading, shareholding, consultancy, technical support, maritime and air transport, intellectual property ownership and management, telecommunications, and others.
  • Industrial Free Trade Zone of Madeira.
  • MAR - Madeira’s International Shipping Register
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