Business conduct

Group mission

To lead the development of the global Islamic economy.

Group vision

To create a new "silk and spice trade route" between East and West by building economic bridges.

Group values

Return: Partners, clients, users, colleagues, investors are entitled to a "return" when they use ISFIN.  In everything we do, we strive to deliver an added value, either quantitative or qualitative.

Innovation: We want to be part of a changing world. We use knowledge, technology, culture, and networks at every level to create new business models and innovative supply of services in one of the fastest emerging segments of the world’s economy.

Ethics: ISFIN is not a religious project, it is a business project. We mix the values of Western corporate governance and the beliefs and proper conducts of the Islamic industry, which are universal. Nowadays, it is not enough to make money. One needs to do it in a fair way. There is an alternative route to profit, which is sincerity.

Group Slogan

Unity is power

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