The investment power of sovereign wealth funds and Islamic funds is substantial. Corporate, public and private investors from the GCC and Asia invest on a truly global scale. Western and Islamic authorities use Islamic finance instruments.  More and more, Western corporations invest in the Islamic markets to find alternatives to the slower consumption in the West.  The rising economic power in the Muslim world gives birth to a Muslim retail market of 1.6 billion consumers who are demanding products tailored to their beliefs and lifestyle.

In order to accompany this new demand, professionals from different sectors (legal, audit, accounting, tax, banking, wealth, real estate, consultancy) are required.

ISFIN unites the best independent professionals to deal with Islamic markets.

In late 2013, ISFIN launched a mid-term management initiative, "ISFIN 2.0" for the five-year period from fiscal year 2011 through fiscal year 2015. The management initiative provides a clear vision for the group, with a focus not only on the proactive expansion of our globally competitive businesses in the legal sector, but also on the expansion of operations in related fields of audit & accounting, real estate, wealth management, banking and consultancy.

To further heighten corporate value, we are pursuing growth by focusing the strengths of the group on anticipating emerging markets and providing a regional presence through our support headquarters to be located in London (Europe), Kuala Lumpur (Asia), Dubai (Africa/GCC) and New York (America).

Our Business strategy implies:

  • geographical expansion (priority markets)
  • sectorial expansion (fields of expertise)
  • support service consolidation (partner firm support)
  • distribution channel consolidation

We have created a unique and exclusive distribution channel which supports the development of investments and which will allow us to place and position products in the area of banking, insurance, tax, audit, halal certification, Sharia-compliance, and training in every corner of the globe.

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