How to join ISFIN ?

Our membership is by invitation only, with strict entry criteria ensuring that standards remain high and that only professional service firms of the highest calibre and the right mind-set are accepted into the organisation.

You and your firm may be eligible to apply for a territory where we do not have an exclusive partner, provided you meet the criteria.

Our partner firms have the best reputations and we have an extremely high retention rate, which is evidence of the quality of our firms and the support services provided by the team at our headquarters.

TAKING THE FIRST STEP: Please enquire with our headquarters in full confidentiality to see if a geographic territory is available. If a vacancy exists, we will inform you and come back with a request for information to proceed with your membership assessment.
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Assessment & proceeding

We assess your corporate profile. Once we have agreed that your corporate profile meets our criteria and fits the global project, we will submit you a contract proposal. Once this commitment is made, your application form is presented to the Executive Committee for final approval. The President will inform you personally of the Committee’s decision. We will then process your entry to ISFIN and you will receive a welcome pack, which includes guidelines and actions to take to maximize your ISFIN partnership.


We are a service provider offering high-value services and return. We act as a company and not as a "network". We, therefore, offer transparent and flexible conditions of membership/partnership. We do not operate with an entry fee, only an annual fee is charged.

The annual fee is calculated according to the sector and country where our firms operate. It is a 12-month fee starting on the date of signing the contract.  The annual fee is all inclusive with no hidden costs.

Extra, ad hoc services may be charged on demand.

Client successes

Every day, our partner firms, their clients and prospects use ISFIN and our partners’ in-depth experience in 100+ countries worldwide.  ISFIN is your assurance of working with experienced, committed and deeply-resourced independent professional firms. Below are some selected success stories from our partner firms.

  • Creation of a bank after making initial contact at a business fair/conference.
  • Launch of ad hoc private banking products to the Muslim community of a European country via a referral from the GCC.
  • Cooperation between a partner firm pitching the local authorities/government to adapt their regulatory framework towards Sharia-compliance; joint pitching.
  • Identifying a relevant investor for one of our partner firm's clients supplying an investment opportunity.
  • M&A not related to Islamic finance between an Asian company and a Gulf-based company.
  • Convincing local government to assess its local jurisdiction to create a favourable legal context from Islamic investments.
  • Facilitating contacts with a top-notch law firm in a country where the client did not have local expertise.
  • Contact the new general counsel of an Islamic bank after the member’s former contact had left the company.
  • Exchange of skills on sukuk contracts with different specialists in the area.
  • Preparation of a roadshow/benchmark in the GCC.
  • Organisation of a first-class event during a large conference to position our partner firm.
  • Provide opportunities to our partners to speak at the best conference in the industry and become the local correspondent of the most recognized I.F. media.
  • Edit and publish the first multi-jurisdictional guide on Sovereign Wealth funds with the world’s leading publisher.
  • Training the clients of our partner firms on how to do business in Islamic markets. 

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