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+81 (3) 62054404

Haraguchi International Law Office was founded in 2004 by Kaoru Haraguchi to provide the highest quality of legal service in a timely manner to its Japanese and foreign clients.

In 2007, we became the first Japanese law office to expand the business to Mongolia and establish an office in Ulan Bator, and we have been currently carried forward the procedures for making an advance into China, especially Shanghai and Beijing.

We are actively interacting with attorneys and corporations all over the world.  Attorney Kaoru Haraguchi is involved in many fields as he has participated in an international meeting among professional debt collectors from all over the world and he has also been appointed the director of the Asia district of AEA, an international European attorney association, among the participating 2300 law offices with more than 3500 members.  We believe such favorable relationships with attorneys and corporations all over the world will also contribute to the benefit of our future clients within and out of Japan and will be continuing to work extensively all over the world.

Haraguchi International Law Office’s guiding philosophy is to contribute to the prosperity and success of its clients while our office also continues our growth by providing the highest quality of legal service in a timely manner within a limited amount of time.

Although our main clients are Japanese and foreign corporations, we handle any personal cases unless its purpose of the case or the profit to be protected are justifiable.

Keeping on securing our expertise in the business filed as mentioned below, we also expands our knowledge for exploring into new fields every day.

Kaoru Haraguchi
Managing Partner

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