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Take advantage of the most relevant commercial and residential real estate market opportunities and advice in the West and in the emerging markets.

ISFIN is dedicated to:

  • Islamic investors investing in property in the West in a Shariah-compliant or conventional manner.
  • Western investors investing in high-growth markets in the Islamic jurisidictions.

ISFIN offers a unique added value to Islamic investors including high-net worth individuals, family offices, corporate or sovereign funds.

With our unique network of Real Estate professionals focused on the Islamic markets (Inbound and outbound investments) – combined with an unchallenged team of legal, tax, accounting and banking professionals specialized on those markets -, ISFIN provides a full range of tailor-made services to Western and Islamic investors.

By acting as a connective bridge between the different legal, commercial and cultural environments of the GCC, Asia, Africa, Europe and America, ISFIN offers an exceptional value on this active market segment.

Focused investment strategy

ISFIN works with its Professional partners to establish an individual investment strategy, before delivering appropriate real estate opportunities as part of a rigorous selection process.

Our Real Estate professionals then lead the purchase process, covering all aspects of achieving a successful real estate acquisition or property development, including due diligence, financing, legal and tax, all as part of an efficient –eventually  Shari’ah compliant- structure and team.

With ISFIN, the purchase is only one element of the transaction. With our specialised team applying their knowledge and experience, our Real Estate professionals have access to the finest specialists in other areas of the deal : legal and notary advice, tax, audit and accounting advice, corporate and trust professionals,…

When dealing  with an ISFIN Real Estate partner, you are able to drive for value outperformance and above average risk adjusted returns through differentiated clients service.

Exceptional and high return investment opportunities

With a global presence built on truly local partners – all leaders in their home market-, ISFIN provides investment opportunities which offer higher return than what the traditional real estate multinationals put on the market.

Access different products and property via the ISFIN network.

Commercial or residential property

  • Office
    • Retail
    • Hospitals
    • Industrial
    • Hotel & leisure
  • Residential


  • Brokerage: Landlord Representation
  • Brokerage: Tenant Representation
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Investment Services
  • Project Management 
  • Property Marketing 
  • Real Estate Management Services
  • Research Services 
  • Valuation & Advisory Services

Shariah-compliant or conventional transaction ?

ISFIN were among the first to develop Western Shari’ah compliant real estate transactions, working with significant institutions in the implementation of new products.

ISFIN enables you to become an Islamic real estate specialist, gaining depth of experience from some of the world’s most recognized specialists. They work as support advisor for you.

ISFIN Real Estate Partner can thus offer to their clients innovative tested tax efficient legal structures, which provide Shari’ah compliance and maintain attractive projected returns to investors.

Establishing Shari’ah compliance and integrity of transactions embracing Shari’ah compliance principles of openness, transparency and good business ethics prove to be an interesting option for many Muslim and non-Muslim investors seeking solid and risk-free investments.

If your clients prefer to invest in the framework of a conventional transaction, we have an unchallenged amount of expertise linked to office, corporate, private, hotel and resort transactions.

ISFIN will help you establish close working relationships with both direct investors and with intermediaries seeking the best products for their client base. We are massively and inteligently present at events like the MIPIM to network with our Real Estate partners and potential investors or dealmakers.

If you would like to discuss current an investment opportunity or your Real Estate strategy, please contact us.

Real Estate Professionals : Download our brochure « Opportunities from the emerging markets »

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