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The whole idea behind ISFIN is to seek alternative routes to instability in the global economy due to the European sovereign debt crisis and slowing growth in some emerging economies. We are a start-up company that has achieved impressive growth. We want to build on concrete, not on sand.

Under our five-year strategic management initiative "ISFIN 2.0", we are expanding world-leading businesses and promoting partner firms that create new value for society and their clients. We are now focused on obtaining performance results from the strategic actions taken, while finding new business opportunities. To achieve our objectives we will continue to concentrate management resources on creating the best "network" and the best channel to accompany the huge potential of the Islamic economy, which involves Muslim and non-Muslim companies and consumers. We are also reinforcing our operational base through business units and regional headquarters.

At the core of every modern innovation you’ll find a high degree of creativity and huge potential for market growth.

We cultivate ethics and want to do things differently. ISFIN is not a religious or a political project. We are a market-driven economic project. However, we believe that values enhanced by the Islamic ethics, just like the corporate governance approach in the West, can help create a better world.

Just like Islamic finance brings fresh air in the capitalist system, we believe business can be conducted effectively with a good return based on innovation and ethics.

This is why our main values are: Return + Innovation + Ethics. The ISFIN equation!

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