Values we seek

Entrepreneurial spirit. At ISFIN, we exude a start-up energy. You’ll feel it. Every day, our team has the same spirit as those guys who started a global company from their garage or from their student room. We are passionate about what we do because we feel and notice the changes brought to the world and to our clients' environments. There is no place for red tape. We value entrepreneurs and initiatives. We value autonomous individuals.

Rewarding responsibility. At ISFIN, we want you to think big. We are humble but we're also ambitious. We want to change the world to the benefit of our partners and clients. You will be encouraged to publish, to author, to speak up, to make a name for yourself. We will push you forward to take responsibility much early on in your career. If your actions benefit the company, you will be appropriately rewarded.

Solution-minded. When you work at ISFIN, you’ll be part of a variety of projects that require you to use your ingenuity, intelligence and ability to solve problems. Don’t come back to your colleague or client with a problem… come back with a solution!  As a truly international business, we tap into an extensive network of talent and experience. This means you will be continually exposed to bright minds and world-class thinking.

Total respect. At ISFIN, we love people who look and are different. You can wear a veil, a skirt, a beard, a rasta, be bald, be white, black, yellow or green, believe in whoever or whatever you want… That is your story. And we respect it, provided you respect others. We are not tolerant, we are respectful. That has a deeper impact. We operate in a multi-cultural world and have clients from almost any nationality and cultural background. We are respectful of the clients we work with and adapt ourselves to their environment. ISFIN is not a religious project, it is a company composed of fabulous individuals.

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