From assessing our entire carbon footprint to finding ways to reduce that footprint, ISFIN takes a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility.

We are against any waste and we believe that small gestures in our every day professional life can make a difference.

"Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream." ~ Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

ISFIN and the Environment

ISFIN has been working on ways to minimize the impact our company, our products and services have on the environment. We measure our total carbon footprint not only of our facilities but also on how we deliver our services and conduct our international policy – including transportation, computer policy, event management, employees at their desk policy, and printing policy. We constantly work to reduce it.

ISFIN and Energy

Our goal is to power every facility at ISFIN entirely with energy from renewable sources — solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. So we’re investing in relationships with suppliers to procure renewable energy off the grid, and reducing our energy needs, even as our employee base grows.

We question our own suppliers on their renewable energy policy and ask them to make efforts in that respect. As we are a fast- growing company, we want this policy to be conducted in new ISFIN facilities. As we conduct this modern management and cooperate with employees working from their home offices, we make them aware of our renewable energy policy and follow our set of rules.

ISFIN and Growth

Minimizing the impact of our growth. We knew when we created ISFIN that the most important thing we could do to reduce our impact on the environment was to define an initial Sustainability policy. We want to do things differently and put ethics at the heart of our company and activities. When we launched the company, our place in the world was assessed from an environmental point of view as well.

We believe that making ISFIN environmentally-friendly is cost-effective and will pay off on the long run. As we continue to grow faster than the rest of the advisory sector, we remain committed to creating products and services that have the least impact on the environment.

As a consultancy, we understand that using the proper policy for our computing devices and datacentres is a priority. Stepping into the Cloud helps us achieve a greener policy.

"Green is the colour of Islam but it is the colour of the Environment as well" ~ Quote Prof. Laurent Marlière, President & CEO ISFIN.

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