Personal development

At ISFIN,  we have an open-door policy and want you to climb the social and professional ladder! Everyone here is here for a reason. You have remarkable strengths, and our mission is to develop them even further.

We're not looking to create super-hero consultants who can jump from plane wearing parachutes and swim underwater while writing PowerPoint presentations and conducting benchmark market analyses. We want to understand - along with you - what you excel at, and then we build upon what you do best.

In the process of extending your skills in analytical thinking, or innovative problem-solving or relationship-building, you will grow in confidence and self-awareness, and be better equipped to work on areas that aren't your strongest.

Rest assured that we don't want to change you, to mould you into some theoretical archetype of what a McKinsey "consultant" should be.

Unlike some "big" consultancies,  we do not have thousands of positions to offer but if you join ISFIN it means that you truly are a remarkable individual and we will treat you as our equal, not as a number. 

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