"The world has changed since 2008. The "Mare Nostrum" is not the Atlantic anymore, the centre of world activity has shifted towards the Pacific. In terms of geo-economy, this places Europe on the map as the Far West and New York as the Far East. Developing countries have become emerging countries. Developed countries have become suffering economies with no status. All eyes are on Asia and Africa. When we conducted a macroeconomic survey in 2011 prior to launching ISFIN, we realized that there was a key to open the treasure of these emerging markets: that key is Islam.

A majority of the fast-growing economies and investor-ready markets are actually Muslim countries. Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Indonesia are all very active markets creating new paradigms. They are setting sky-high records in various sectors of world’s industry, such as finance, leisure, world events, transport, real estate.

Islamic finance has become popular outside Islamic boundaries and has established London as its capital. A positive element is that Islamic finance is not about religion, but about equity, financial inclusion, proper conduct and alternative to a raw capitalist system that has shown its limits.

However, Islamic finance is only the visible part of the iceberg which is the bigger Islamic economy or Halal industry. Muslims around the world are diverse but they are unified by a common belief system and lifestyle. Accelerating demographics, expanding geographic presence, increasing consumer power, rising star countries and religion playing an increasingly central role in daily life are tangible elements for the world economy and not just the Islamic economy.

Indeed, many retail products and services (halal-branded or not) are produced in the West. This brings us back to ancient times and the mutual fascination and influence that has always existed between East and West.

ISFIN is not only a performing and fast-growing company, it is a beautiful project as well. It helps revive the "Silk route" going East and the "Spice trade route" going South. By helping Western corporations develop their business connections eastwards and assisting Eastern investors on their path to the West, we consolidate a sound economic system and harmony, which foster peace and mutual development.

Many people talk about the "untapped" Islamic Economy, we, ISFIN, make it happen! Unity is power, and we have united the best professionals from every corner of the planet around a powerful project to help you take part in this fruitful journey and seize a multitude of opportunities."

Message from the President, Prof. Laurent Marlière, President & CEO.

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