Diversity and inclusion are part of ISFIN’s values at the highest level. Having diverse employees, business partners and community relationships is vital to creating the proper advisory for our diverse customers around the world.

The world is our playground. It is where we operate. We believe in one world with different cultures, races, languages and religions.

The company's commitment to diversity means providing a work environment for all employees that is welcoming, respectful and engaging, with opportunities for personal and professional development. This, in turn, increases productivity, quality, creativity and innovation.

ISFIN has a formal, company-wide diversity strategy, mission and goals. We have signed diversity charters with the local authorities in the countries where we have offices.

Diversity team

The Diversity policy at ISFIN includes Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Equal Employment Opportunity. The team works to strengthen an environment that values and leverages multiple perspectives, experiences and capabilities, by driving the integration of diversity, equality and fairness into all practices and processes. This inclusive and engaging environment helps employees achieve their full potential.

Mrs Zineb Bensaïd is the Head of Global Diversity & Employee Rights for ISFIN. In that role, she is responsible for overseeing implementation of innovative initiatives and compliance across the company's Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programmes.

Zineb Bensaïd is a Moroccan native and a French Business School and University graduate who lives in Brussels. She speaks English, French, Arabic and Spanish.

Executive Commitment

There has always been a mutual fascination between the West and the East. Nowadays, many Westerners live in the East and Easterners live in the West. Many Western companies are active in the East and many Far or Middle-Eastern companies invest in the West. They have created a global melting-pot. ISFIN’s most noble goal is to create a new "Silk road". A road of exchange and understanding, a road of trade and mutual benefits, a road that meets the reality of a complex and sophisticated 21st century society.

We are a people’s business. The major source of ISFIN’s strength is our people and the range of perspectives they bring to creating innovative support services for our partners and customers worldwide. We are just as committed to continuous improvement in diversity and inclusion as we are to continuous improvement in our business performance. Everyone at ISFIN is treated equally no matter their gender, race, nationality or religion. We believe that in today’s world, diversity is a strength and an opportunity.

Diversity Charter

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Diversity Partnerships and awards

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