The Dutch Connection in Afghanistan and Iran


ISFIN partner U advisors from the Netherlands intermediates in a trade cooperation between Daudzai Group in Afghanistan and Banki Trading in Iran.

The Daudzai Group is one of Afghanistan’s most respected and well known privately owned companies, active in transportation, storage and many other services. A local group entity is setting up a health centre in the Netherlands. Furthermore, one of the Dutch entities is actively involved in academic programmes to exchange knowledge between universities in Afghanistan and Europe. 

Banki is a trading and financing company headquartered in The Hague with a branch office in Iran. The company is specialized in the financial procedures related to large trade transactions mainly in the commodities sector. The company has strong links with several governmental bodies and ministries in Iran.

U advisors is providing audit, legal and tax services to both companies in the Netherlands. Tax lawyer and partner Emiel Reijerse initiated a meeting between Daudzai and Banki in Tehran to investigate the business possibilities between the two countries. The outcome of this meeting is that parties entered into an agreement for future cooperation regarding oil and gas, agricultural and storage facilities.

U advisors will monitor the trading transactions of the joint venture and will remain closely involved in the business. 

Picture taken at the Tehran branch office of Banki Trading in December 2016. In the middle right the CEO of the Daudzai group Mr. Noorullah Daudzai and in the middle left the CEO of the Banki Group, Mr Seyed Arshi. 


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