ISFIN broadens Swiss Network


a&o accta ortag ag partners with ISFIN in Switzerland

a&o accta ortaga g (a&o) becomes the exclusive partner of ISFIN regarding auditing, tax and accounting in Switzerland. Both parties expressed their enthusiasm in this future collaboration.

Prof. Laurent MARLIERE, CEO of ISFIN highlighted that: “Switzerland is a key market in Europe for both the attraction of FDI’s and the export of retail products to the emerging markets. We believe that our partnership with a&o will help us gain knowledge of the Swiss market and allow us to increase our European presence. Switzerland is home of essential halal product producers (e.g. Nestlé) and represents a significant pole for halal consumers. Switzerland is the home of a high net worth Muslim community who could lead the industry to new heights. The stability of this market is currently appealing for investors based in the high liquidity markets where we are particularly active.”

Emre ÖZDEMIR, partner and Head of advisory at a&o says: “a&o is, by definition, always looking to extend its areas of expertise and to broaden the scope of its clients. It is today unthinkable to ignore the needs of Muslim consumers and ISFIN is the perfect ally to help us understand those needs. Through this collaboration, we hope to bring some valuable clients to Switzerland and strengthen our relations with the emerging markets.”

a&o accta ortag ag’s areas of expertise comprise of auditing, accounting and bookkeeping services, tax consultancy, human resource services and business consulting. Over seventy years, it has become a trusted financial advisor in Switzerland and member of Kreston International.

ISFIN is the world’s leading advisory for the emerging markets. ISFIN has a recognized practice in Islamic Finance, investments from and to the Muslim world and the Halal industry. ISFIN is active in more than 60+ jurisdictions around the world.
ISFIN is supported by the most innovative and highly regarded independent professional firms.

Contact Information:

Laurent Marlière, CEO ISFIN

Emre Özdemir, Partner, a&o accta ortag ag


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