Marketing Audit by ISFIN

Our marketing strategy research, analytics, and consulting services can help you move your brand from where it currently stands to where you want it to be, beginning with a marketing audit.

We perform an independent and unbiased Marketing audit to improve your company's overall marketing performance or to establish new marketing plans.

We check if your marketing operations are in line with your business objectives, and fit well within your corporate capabilities, you will benefit from an improved marketing and higher profit potential.

The audit involves the following broad tasks:

  • Understanding your goals - What do you want to improve.
  • Gathering marketing materials - What you are using, and how are you using it.
  • Interviews - Talking to employees from all departments, and where appropriate, suppliers and customers.
  • Analyzing - Anyone can collect information and write down some goals, but by analyzing and understanding, we can provide you with an enormous insight into the marketing functionality of your business.
  • Reporting - We will provide you with a full report, with an actionable checklist for you to follow using your own work-force, or with our help.

Our audit process follows the following areas:

  • Environmental audit
    • Macro-environmental audit
    • Task environmental audit
  • Marketing strategy audit
  • Marketing organization audit
  • Marketing system audit
  • Marketing productivity audit
  • Marketing functions audit

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